A Message From The Dolphins


About a month ago I was sitting at my computer when the thought popped into my head “how will I celebrate this big birthday that’s coming my way”. Within a few minutes the answer appeared.

Here I was staring at an e-mail announcing an opportunity to do something I’ve been dreaming about for years. Of course, my head immediately started doing overtime coming up with all the reasons I couldn’t possibly… pull this off in such a short period of time, drop out of sight for a week, of course I couldn’t afford it etc. Yet another part said “If not now, when?” I listened to my inner guide and within 3 short weeks I was on my way to Kona, Hawaii to finally have my encounter with wild dolphins!

Truthfully, the first day I felt fear and apprehension when I saw that big blue ocean with god- knows-what lurking beneath its surface. Will this be safe? After all these dolphins are wild and the whales are around as well, what if I get smashed by a fluke! What about sharks – OMG! The minute I saw the first dolphin pod their exuberant jumping and spinning melted away my fear and I couldn’t wait to join them in this big blue home of theirs.

My impulse was to go after them to reach out and touch them but my guides had cautioned me that chasing or grabbing at them will just scare them away. So I took a deep breath and let myself float and observe. Once I relaxed and opened my heart to them I received the gift of their trust as they came so close I could have touched them. But it wasn’t about me touching them, it was about them touching me, reaching out to me, inviting me to come into their space. I wasn’t the one swimming with them, they were swimming with me. I never felt so safe and trusting in my life. Dolphins don’t have an agenda. I had no reason to question the authenticity of their curiosity, their interest, their loving presence.

Human beings of course are more complicated because our mind has its own agenda and so often befuddles your ability to listen to your heart, your intuition, your inner knowing whatever you like to call it. Because of that you may be cautious, question the authenticity of someone’s intention. It takes more time to trust. With the dolphins it was instantaneous. It took very little time for me to recognize that as long as I was “grabbing” whether that was physical or mental they would stay away.

In reflecting on my experience I realize how much I learned from the dolphins that can be applied in life and business: When you want something, whether it’s a new client, a better relationship with your partner, a new toy, you may have a tendency to go chasing after it or try and grab it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but more often than not the object of your interest retreats. It’s not uncommon when you enter an unknown environment (like a networking event) you may unconsciously be putting a wall around your heart to protect yourself from rejection, judgment or any kind of negative experience. It takes courage to enter an unfamiliar situation with an open, vulnerable heart.

Next time you’re getting ready to enter an environment that’s unfamiliar check in with yourself. Are you feeling open and relaxed? Are you curious and observant? Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and in your heart, leave any agenda at the door and you most likely will experience that people will be drawn to you and curious to find out more about you.


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5 Responses to A Message From The Dolphins

  1. Beautiful insight Ellen! It was so wonderful to have you with us for your first dolphin swim week! I love how you share what you learned from the gentle dolphins about our human tendency to push rather than allow. Wonderful.

    • Ellen van den Berg

      Thanks Trish! I continue to integrate my experience with the dolphins in my life and business. I know I’ll be back for more.

  2. Happy birthday Ellen. You have given me a gift of sharing your experience and your wisdom. I also swam with the Dolphins. It was years ago and in Mexico. I later learned, that kind of contact with humans was not safe for dolphins. I loved the safe way you interacted. It was equaly if not more powerful. I will now apply the allow, not grasp technique to my desire to travel to Scottland.
    Happy 2013.
    I have now changed my name and email.

    • Ellen van den Berg

      Hi Jan: Congratulations with the name change. Hope your dream to travel to Scotland will become a reality.

  3. Rob Mokry

    Very well put. Thank you for sharing.

    Rob 🙂

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