Burnt Out? – Get Fired Up Again!

I was talking to Julie the other day. Julie is a former client and I call her several times a year to stay in touch. She told me that her financial planning business continues to thrive but… I could hear something in her voice that concerned me. She sounded tired. Not just tired from the occasional bad night of sleep no, it was a deeper tiredness. So I asked her if she was feeling OK – her lackluster answer was yet another sign.

We continued talking for a while and finally she said – “Truthfully, I’ve been feeling burnt out and depleted. I’m just not having much fun in my business anymore.”

I asked her if she could remember why she decided to start this business and she said “Well, to make money and have more freedom in my life.” She said she has all that but is no longer letting herself enjoy that freedom. I asked her why making all that money was so important to her. After some reflection she told me that what really kept her inspired and motivated was the ability to give her daughter the life she didn’t have when she was growing up. She wanted to make money for the primary purpose to provide for her daughter and make enough so she could afford the best education for her child.

I asked Julie if anything had changed and yes, her daughter had graduated from college last year and had moved away, starting her own life. She took a deep breath and realized her purpose, her reason for being in her business was no longer clear. Her daughter’s well being had been her purpose. Now that she had spread her wings and was taking care of herself Julie realized that her original purpose was no longer there to motivate and inspire her. Julie needed to find a new purpose to get fired up again. Having uncovered the truth of what was going on I could sense Julie’s energy lifting. We set up a time to get together to explore what new meaning she could breathe into her life and her business.

There are many people like Julie who believe that making a lot of money is reason enough to sustain a thriving business. Next thing they know, they’re burnt out and depleted.

Can you relate to any of this?

Do you find that you’re:

  • Losing momentum in your business
  • Hiding in day-to-day trivia just to stay busy
  • Waking up without much enthusiasm for another day at work
  • Wondering what the meaning of all this is
  • Having not much fun doing your work

If you’re experiencing any or all of the above it is time to check in with yourself and revisit the question WHY you’re in your business. Perhaps, like Julie, it’s time for you too to reconnect with what is most meaningful to you.

I’d love to hear from you what keeps you motivated and excited about your work? Your comments might help others get inspired again!








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2 Responses to Burnt Out? – Get Fired Up Again!

  1. I think it’s possible to find your motivation springing either from love of the work being done, or as your story describes, love of what your earnings accomplish outside of the work itself. There are some fortunate souls that achieve both.

  2. Ellen,

    i love your inspiring message. it’s worth publishing for more people to read it. Your words are energizing and, as you say, they “fire us up”, it does for me. Thanks, Jeannie

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