Dealing with the Unexpected

Polar BearImagine being on a camping adventure in the Arctic. One morning you wake up and what was solidly attached icy ground the day before has broken away and is now an ice floe adrift several miles out to sea.

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What’s Your Belief About Money?

Money MindsetDo you know where your money goes every month? Do you act as if you have plenty of money, but inside you’re always worried that you don’t have enough?

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You’re Motivated But Are You Disciplined?

Children practicing musicYou want to get motivated to do something, to make a change. You’ll read or watch something. Perhaps attend a conference and come away “motivated”. Be honest now – you’re “motivated”, but does it move you to action?

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The Power of Concentration

My last article “You’re Busy But Are You Productive” (see below)Cat Concentrating triggered quite a few e-mails. I’ll expand a little on this productivity topic as so many people seem to struggle with it. One of the problems is that our culture reveres the ability to multi-task. It’s become a way of life – not exactly a sane way. Not only that, it turns out to not be a very productive way as well.

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You’re Busy but Are You Productive

youvegotmailA friend of mine has a magnet on her refrigerator that says “Got it all done, died anyway”. Every time I read it I wonder what’s the point in getting it all done? Perhaps the better question is what’s the “it” and what would happen if you didn’t get it all done?

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How Much More Do You Need to Know?


A friend and colleague of mine had been pondering whether or not to attend a 2 day seminar on a topic that, according to my friend, would sharpen his skills and knowledge for a big potential project he was hoping to get.

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