A Bobcat and The Way to Success


I spent a few days last week at my favorite hideout in a corner of Point Reyes National Seashore. One afternoon I woke up from a nap with the uneasy feeling I was being watched. Outside my room’s sliding glass door a bobcat was staring right at me, or so I thought. Then I noticed the movement of earth.

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The Scariest Part of Being Self-Employed – It’s Not the JOB Trap

Nest EggAre you building a business or are you self-employed? You love DOING your work but as long as your business depends on your talent, as long as you need to be there and do the work, you’re self-employed, you have a JOB going from project to project, you work hard with little time for your family or a life beyond work – you work to make money.

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Want To Make Decisions Better and Faster? – Here’s How!

How do you make decisions? It’s not a fair question because it depends on so many factors;  importance, urgency, who’s involved in the process etc. But there is one thing, if brought to the forefront, will not only help you make your decisions faster and better, your decisions will be in alignment with your purpose, your vision and your desired outcomes.

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A Message From The Dolphins


About a month ago I was sitting at my computer when the thought popped into my head “how will I celebrate this big birthday that’s coming my way”. Within a few minutes the answer appeared.

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The Key to Staying on Track

The other day I read this feel-good article: Holly had been taken on a trip to an RV rally 200 miles away from home. One day, at this rally, something happened, it might have been an event outside of her control that really scared her and made her go into hiding.

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Tips for Creating Success in Your Business

I know we’re only 2 weeks into the New Year but I just wanted to check in to see if you’re on track and enthusiastically checking off actions towards completion of your goals. After all, our mindsets don’t take a break for the holidays and would like to keep us in the status quo. So, be on the alert if your mindset needs a little adjusting to keep you moving towards success.

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