December – Time For A Break!

December can be a tricky month for many people and especially small business owners. You hesitate to start a new project or believe any marketing activities are probably lost in the hubbub of the season.

You don’t notice the stress creeping up until you feel completely overwhelmed. Taking a break, leave alone a real vacation, seems no longer part of your reality! You promise yourself that as soon as  things  let up a bit you’ll take that break but there never seems to be a right time.

Be honest now, when was the last time you allowed yourself a break from your business? Perhaps it’s time to get off your treadmill even if it’s just for a day. Rather than wishing and hoping for things to be easier and less hectic this December don’t just wish but make a conscious decision to carve out some time wholly dedicated to YOU!

We’re so used to just go go go and push ourselves to reach our goals that we lose our perspective of what’s driving us. We’re driving ourselves to the point where exciting possibilities become exhausting obligations that loom up the minute we wake up in the morning.

I decided to take a break for a few days last week. Of course, I had my monkey mind yelling at me that I had no business to do such a frivolous thing, that I have too much to do and couldn’t possibly be that irresponsible! Monkey lost and I unplugged – yeah for me! No agenda, no expectations. However, from past experience I knew that these little jaunts usually get the juices flowing so I did bring my laptop just in case I needed to capture some bright idea.

Here are some of the benefits I have experienced when I take a breather like this:

  • Rested and refreshed
  • Rekindled passion and excitement for my business
  • Back in touch with what’s most fulfilling and meaningful
  • Re-energized and inspired
  • New and creative ideas
  • Restored balance in my life and work
  • More engaged with the things I want to take on
  • Reconnected with why I do what I do

Give yourself at least a quiet moment to review where you’re going with your business. Is it still in alignment with your purpose and vision? Are you on track building a business or are you just running it!? What do you need to do to keep moving forward? Stop to refuel and reflect because it will be very difficult to expect that next year is going to be much different from this year if you just keep running.

Take a break, yes, now in December. Don’t wait for the right time because you know very well it’s never the right time and just another excuse. Do it! Treat yourself! It may take a little longer to get to your goals but the journey will be so much more joyful and kinder.

You’re worth it!

I’d love to hear in what way you stop and take a breather from your business. What benefits do you experience?

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