A Great Experience? Or Too Exhausted to Notice!

“I made it to the TOP” – That’s what it said on the man’s
T-shirt. I was sharing a table with him and his girlfriend a
few weeks ago in Yosemite. I visit Yosemite at least once a
year and have been doing so for the past 25 years. It’s
where I refuel so to speak. It’s not only one of the most
beautiful places on earth, it’s also an opportunity to meet
and mingle with a slice of world. So here we were having
breakfast. They were from New York, first timers in Yosemite
with the sole purpose to climb Half Dome. They did, as it
said so on their T-shirts and was confirmed as I listened to
their story. Over the years I’ve listened to many Half Dome

I’ve never undertaken this climb but I’ve hiked up to
some beautiful places in the world and the feeling of
accomplishment and the reward of incredible vistas has
always been worth the effort.

You’d think that it’s the most incredible experience to
stretch yourself physically to get up those cables and get
to the top of this monolith. Yet – like my friends at the
breakfast table their expectation of an exhilarating and
joyful experience was far from what they had envisioned.
They were so depleted and exhausted they could barely
remember being at the top. How fun is that?

Whenever I talk to Half Dome climbers with similar
experiences I ask them what they think made it so difficult
and what they could have done to make it more joyful. They
usually admit they didn’t plan for it. They just thought
it would be a great idea and off they went. In hindsight
their trek would have been easier if they had planned and
prepared for it.  They would have known what shoes to wear,
how much water and food to bring, how to pace themselves so
they could deal with that one stretch that was particularly
strenuous, they could have gotten in better shape.

It got me thinking about so many small business owners who
start out with great enthusiasm when the bright idea strikes
them that whatever they’re doing for someone else they could
do for themselves. So they hang up their shingle and launch
their business. Unfortunately, they often end up creating an
experience that leaves them exhausted and depleted.

Whether you climb a mountain or build a business you need a
compass to set your direction, a map to guide you, the right
tools and ingredients to sustain your momentum, the
willingness and ability to ask for help when you need it.
When you do that you can be prepared for the bumps in the
road which you inevitably will encounter.
That and a healthy amount of common sense and passion in
your heart will propel you forward, experience an
exhilarating and rewarding journey and reap the fruits of
your labor.

I look forward to hearing your comments; the conversation
just isn’t the same without your input. Come add your voice here.

Wishing you abundance and joy!


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3 Responses to A Great Experience? Or Too Exhausted to Notice!

  1. Ellen,
    Yes, I agree. In my business I have planned many “half dome” projects. Getting my idea out of my head and into the world though can sometimes make me feel like your exhausted hikers. The problem is, I often don’t know what I will need until I run into a problem that I didn’t anticipate. Do you have any ideas on how we can plan and be prepared when starting something new? And how to try and anticipate the unexpected?

    Great article!

    • Ellen van den Berg

      Hi Annemarie
      Great questions. It helps to know what the purpose is for your new idea, create a vision for yourself what it will look like and then think about the steps you need to take to reach your vision and make it a reality. Also, I like to do “what if” scenarios to try and anticipate the unexpected. Brainstorming it with a friend or colleague is a fun thing to do and then come up with your plan for that scenario. Got anything in mind? Let me know I’d be happy to kick it around with you! Hope that helps? Ellen

  2. I have grown older but I am still hoping to climb to the top of half dome!!!

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