Humor – It’s Good for You and Your Business

“Life is too important to be taken seriously”
Oscar Wilde

Humor – It’s Good for You and Your Business

The physical benefits of laughter are well documented. Laughter decreases stress hormones, boosts the immune system and raises the heart rate, bringing more blood and oxygen to the brain. It also increases the level of alertness and memory as well as the ability to learn and create.
So if we’re interested in living a healthier, saner and more balanced life we simply can’t afford to be chronically serious in our work life.

Injecting humor into your business is not about entertaining others. It’s not pranks, practical jokes or juvenile antics. Instead, it’s more of an attitude, a way of viewing and processing things.
You just can’t be too serious if you want to motivate yourself or your employees, improve morale, spark creativity, facilitate open communication, be more productive, build trust between you and your employees or provide great customer service.

Here are some compelling reasons to invest in humor in your business

Manage stress
Humor reduces tension in a stressful situation. It provides a realistic perspective when you most need it, gives you control over your emotions and helps you rise above a crisis. Humor is a thinking response in an emotional situation, helping you connect your mind with your heart.

Enhanced Creativity
Humor unleashes creativity and divergent problem-solving.Humor and creativity are about looking at the same thing as everyone else and seeing something completely different. Both involve taking risks, playing with ideas and making new and often unlikely associations.

Build Stronger Teams
Humor enhances collaboration and team-building, creating a climate in whichpeople feel motivated, energized and ready to contribute. You could say that the group that plays together stays together.

Happier Employees
Laughter reduces workplace stres,, and breaks up boredome and fatigue. Happier, more relaxed amployees ae able to better focus on tasks, make fewer errors and are more productive. They also stick around longer, are absent less and don’t burn out.

More effective communication
Humor is a powerful way to break down barriers and connect at a heart level. It creates an environment conducive to open, honest communication. People with a sense of humor often have the ability to deal effectively with people and work issues, and they keep the severity of problems in perspective.

Productive meetings
Humor in meetings encourages participation, minimizes conflicts, helps people retain information, opens up dialogue and sparks creativity.

Improved customers service
Including a sense of lightness in communicating with customers and clients is an effective way to connect with them, retain their loyalty and provide outstanding, memorable service.

Manage with a lighter touch
Use your sense of humor as a way to build rapport with employees, vendors or your outsourced service providers. Be transparent and remember to laugh at yourself. It encourages trust and good will. Embracing a lighter approach is a way to communicate more effectively, shows your human side more openly and fosters a supportive environment.

Improve the bottom line
If humor and a sense of lightness help us achieve all the things listed above, then it only makes sense that this would improve our overall effectiveness and productivity which will ultimately result in an increase in profitability.

Our work has a tremendous impact on our lives but don’t wait too long to realize the truth of the old cliché “life’s simply too short”. Yes, we need to take our work seriously and at the same time remember to lighten up and have some fun because ultimately the real bottom line in life has nothing to do with dollars or profits.

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