Leverage Those Little Spaces of Time

In the last few issues of INSIGHT (read them on this blog) I’ve focused on the big picture. Hopefully some of my musings have rubbed off and you’ve taken steps to create your vision for your business.

Last week I was at a very inspirational event for an organization  called Daily Acts. Their vision and work is grounded in the principle that simple, mindful choices significantly enrich our lives and world. Through daily acts of sharing relationships, skills and tools they’ve transformed hundreds perhaps thousands of households into self-reliant ecologically savvy homes and communities.  It has happened through consistent small daily acts.

What struck me is the cumulative impact that their small daily acts have had.  By consistently taking the small steps they have steadily moved towards their vision.

You can do the same in your business.                     

I used to have this belief that to get something done I needed time, lots of it. After years of owning my own business, I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to continually educate myself and practice balancing productivity, strategic, creative and relaxation techniques. In the process, I’ve learned how much I can actually accomplish in 10 or 15 minutes.

For example, instead of twittering away those few minutes between appointments I now use that time to write a paragraph or 2 for an article, or work on one piece of a project – it doesn’t all have be to done at once.

And then again, using those little gifts of time by being productive isn’t the only way to move forward. Sometimes 10 or 15 minutes may be enough to do some thinking, come up with creative ideas for a new marketing message, a new promotion, product, service or other strategic move. It’s a great opportunity to sharpen your strategic self! The Guiding component of your business. (Remember those 4 components?  I talked about them in my  “It Starts with a Dream).

And sometimes those 10 or 15 minutes are just there to take some down time. A quick walk, a short meditation or  just sit and do nothing – imagine that! You may need that little break to get you re-energized and ready to move forward.

As long as we act, take the next step, no matter how small we’re moving forward towards our vision. How do you use those little spaces of time? Leave a comment!

Today is Election Day here in the U.S.! If you haven’t already be sure to get out and vote so you can take your stand and be counted. Remember though, no matter what the outcome will be,  your success starts with you! There are a lot of actions you can take to support your own success. Understanding how to best leverage your time in your business is key to making that happen.


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2 Responses to Leverage Those Little Spaces of Time

  1. I’m with you, Ellen. Use those pockets of time to the fullest! Sometimes for me that means a 10-15 walk to let my brain relax and wander and dream up the next creative idea.

    • Ellen van den Berg

      It’s amazing how a little walk can set your brain in motion. I’m now also bringing something to record my musings while I’m walking before those brilliant ideas slip away.

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