How Are You doing in Your Role as Leader?

1.  How well do I know myself?

The most effective leaders are in touch with whom they are and how they feel – They pay attention to how they impact others and are interested in personal and professional growth.

2.  How flexible am I?

For some being in a leadership role can be a huge stretch…how can you avoid “pulling” something?

3.  How do I handle failure?

Good leaders fail frequently. Rather than viewing failure as a shame and a negative, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow

4.  Do I have a victim mentality?

True leaders look not to blame staff or others for any given situation but to take


5.  How’s my work/life balance?

Being out of balance in either direction makes for less potent leading.

6.  What do I model?

Are your actions seen by those you lead as “what it takes to be successful”?

7.  How committed am I to learning?

Leaders are always striving to learn, grow and improve.

8.  How much of a people-pleaser am I?

Leaders have to make decisions that might make some people unhappy. This can be rough if you’re the type that wants to make everyone happy all the time.

9.  How confident am I?

Confident leaders don’t have to micromanage, and they inspire others to have confidence in themselves.

10. What motivates me being a leader?

Great leaders are aligned by what gives them meaning in their lives. They have an innate ability to lead with both their heart and head.



Ellen van den Berg, founder and owner of NEXUS Consulting works with small business owners who are the victim to their own success – overbooked, understaffed and unable to grow because everything depends on them. Ellen helps her clients reconnect with their passion, align the business with their life and change unproductive behaviors. The result is a productive, profitable business that can mostly run itself and provide more joy and freedom for the business owner.

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