Step into Your Greatness. If not Now, When?

Our experience in life and business so often is a direct reflection of our inner world even though we may not be conscious of that. We hear a lot of talk (including from yours truly) about the unconscious limiting beliefs that stop us. But what about those expansive beliefs that light us up if only…

How long has it been since you’ve given yourself a moment to think about what’s meaningful in your life and if what you value today is reflected in the way you run your business?

Is your business serving what you want in your life?

Perhaps it’s time to give yourself that gift of listening to what your heart is longing for. Perhaps it’s time to step into your greatness!


Picture a graveyard. Under the big oak tree in the far corner, there’s a granite headstone. Look closer. See the name engraved? Yep, it’s yours.

So you’re sitting here, looking at your own headstone. There’s your year of birth, and the year you—heaven forbid—pass. And between them, there’s a little, coy hyphen.

Now, here’s the good news: that hyphen is what you get to play with.

On Stepping into Your Greatness

Let’s take a moment to think analytically about that hyphen. There are two things that anyone who aspires to step into their greatness must face. The first is knowing what you want to do. Or, in the words of poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (We’ll get to the second in a moment.)

Determining what you want out of life—your business, career, relationships and your free time—is a surprisingly hard process for many of us. It’s much easier to abide by the rules and plans of others than to look within ourselves and see clearly what we are meant to—and would really, really enjoy with the whole of our being—do.

Here are 4 starting points for discovering your brand of greatness:

  1. What are your threads? Everything you’ve done and loved up to this point is a thread running through your life. Those threads are always with you, and you can choose to pick them up again at any time. Adored math as a kid, but your parents pushed you into sales? Maybe it’s time to take some classes and explore.
  2. Who makes you envious?  Envy is actually a wonderful way to unearth some of our big, deep desires. Who have you been envious of recently? Steve Jobs? George Soros? Maybe it’s actually a clue to your greatness.
  3. What have you always wanted to do? Complete this sentence: “If money and time were no object, I would totally want to…” Work in Paris? Market my invention? You could start today with a language tape and learning about the patent process.
  4. What are your forbidden fruits? Sometimes we tell ourselves that certain things are off limits, when really, it’s just a mirage created by a limiting belief. What seems off-limits to you but might be great fun if it weren’t “forbidden”? Acting in a play? Buying a telescope? Writing a book?


Once you are firmly pointed in the direction of your own greatness, you will undoubtedly meet the second thing about being great. As any hero will tell you, once you start heading in the direction of being great…once you take action toward your goals…the second thing undoubtedly shows up. And that thing is fear.

Here’s the secret about stepping into your greatness: you still get the socks scared off you on a regular basis. (Perhaps even more often!) But it no longer stops you. Spooks you, absolutely. Makes your knees go weak, without a doubt.  But when you’re living from your greatness, fear ceases to be a reason to quit.

Because you’ve got great things you want to do with that little hyphen of yours.

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