The Key to Staying on Track

The other day I read this feel-good article: Holly had been taken on a trip to an RV rally 200 miles away from home. One day, at this rally, something happened, it might have been an event outside of her control that really scared her and made her go into hiding.

Attempts to find her were to no avail and she missed her ride back home. I should tell you that Holly is an indoor housecat who travels everywhere with her owners. There’s a good end to this story: Holly showed up at her owners’ door step 2 months later with obvious signs that she had gone through quite a bit of hardship. Nevertheless she had somehow found her way back to what must have been most important to her – the warmth and safety of a caring home.

It was a mystery to those who understand animal behavior how Holly found her way back. She obviously didn’t have a road map. Cats aren’t migratory creatures so what guided her to get on the right track home? An inner compass?

This question got me thinking about so many small business owners and independent professionals who get off track for many reasons. Even if you’re crystal clear about your vision and what you want in your life, even if you’ve carefully laid out your plan, you know that navigating the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is rife with both internal and external roadblocks that throw you off track. Commitment, determination and hard work at times are hard to sustain just because you (or someone else) told yourself you should!

But you do have an inner compass. It’s that part of yourself that guides you, an inner knowing that moves you to do what feels right. With all the noise we encounter it’s difficult to stay connected to that inner compass. How often do you get bombarded with advice and recommendations from many different directions? Perhaps you find yourself looking for others to be your compass and end up traveling down a path that is not your own. How often have you made decisions based on what someone said worked for them? You might have gotten there but the path could have been different perhaps more creative, easier, more fun and yes faster if you’d followed your own inner compass.

Yes, we need to be crystal clear why we do what we do and have a vision what our business needs to look like to serve our life. It’s essential to have a road map to follow but that alone will not help you navigate the roadblocks you’ll encounter on the way to the business and life you want. You may need to take a detour because of some internal or external circumstance. But when you’re in touch with your inner compass it will be unwavering in pointing to your “true north”, your crystal clear purpose.

To tap into your inner compass you need to be still and listen. Any form of contemplation (meditation, prayer, a walk in nature) done regularly is essential if you want to build your business in a balanced and sane way. Great leaders know this. They understand that it takes practice to know the difference between the feelings that come from your thoughts and ego and your natural wisdom. Knowing how to access your natural wisdom is the inner compass. Having you inner compass to call on will guide you back on your path to more profit and freedom.

What experiences have your had where your inner compass got you back on track?

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  1. Jennifer

    Meditation, walking in nature and disconnecting from technology brings me closer to my inner compass.

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