The Right Time Is NOW!

A few weeks ago, David Villalobos leaped into the tiger’s cage at the Bronx Zoo. When asked why he did what he did, Villalobos said “everyone has a reason for what they do in life”. Mr. Villalobos’ reason was “a desire to be one with the tiger.” He was lucky the tiger didn’t have him for lunch – he truly would have been one with that tiger.

I believe that we’re all connected, that we’re all part of one consciousness. However, Mr. Villalobos’ desire of a direct experience of this oneness seems a bit too literal. Certainly not what I would encourage when I talk about the importance of knowing WHY you do what you do.

As business owners we soon will be going through our annual ritual of planning for the New Year. Yes, I’m talking 2013 and no, it’s not too early to start talking about this. The right time is NOW. You see, all that planning you’ll be doing hinges on you knowing why you are going through this exercise to begin with.

Why take the same old approach to that boring annual planning process? Try something a bit different and you may experience results that are better than you hoped for – So, the right time is NOW.

Start, a little each day, by reviewing what’s most meaningful to you, what keeps you inspired? Once you take that deep dive into who you are and are clear what you want in your life then you can create a vision for your business that supports that belief. What’s more exciting is when you start communicating from that place inside yourself. Then you don’t talk about What you do but WHY you believe in what you do. That is so much more inspiring. And you know what – when you start talking from that place inside yourself, you will attract people who believe in what you believe and cannot wait to buy from you.

Then What you do and How you do it is just the manifestation of what you believe. Everything flows from that. So before you start working on your plan for 2013 reconnect with why you’re in your business. Then revisit your vision or if you don’t have one create it so that it is in alignment with your Why. That vision will become you’re guiding light as you create your goals and action steps in a way that’s meaningful and inspiring.

Need some help connecting with your WHY? Well, if you haven’t completed the survey yet you may want to, because you’ll receive a gift that will help you uncover your WHY. Some probing questions you can explore a little at a time on your own, with your spouse, a partner, friend or colleague. It’s a wonderful way to connect.

So what are you waiting for? The right time is NOW!


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  1. Ellen, you are so right! Working with you I really see over and over again how you are driven forward by vision and the incredible strength that comes from that. I can’t wait to hear more.

    • Ellen van den Berg

      Hi Andy
      Yes, it’s really powerful when you tap into knowing what you’re here to do – whenever I remind myself it pulls me forward and the universe responds. I know this is true for you and your work as well.

  2. Really great messages Ellen, thanks and for the great survey.

  3. mimi lemanski


    You are so spot on, and it really doesn’t need to take up huge chunks of time. Sneaking in 15 or 20 minutes at a time really make the process seem less overwhelming and very effective.

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