Tips for Creating Success in Your Business

I know we’re only 2 weeks into the New Year but I just wanted to check in to see if you’re on track and enthusiastically checking off actions towards completion of your goals. After all, our mindsets don’t take a break for the holidays and would like to keep us in the status quo. So, be on the alert if your mindset needs a little adjusting to keep you moving towards success.

One of the key mindsets of successful business owners is that they expect to be successful – they don’t consider any other option. Here are a few other actions and behaviors that successful business owners embrace and you too can practice to create success in your business:

Fall in love over and over again
Remind yourself why you are in your business, reconnect with that part of yourself that makes you fall in love all over again with the work you do, the business you’re creating, the people you serve. If you don’t feel that way ask yourself why not? What do you need to change about your attitude, beliefs and actions to reignite your passion and breathe renewed enthusiasm into your business?

Find the opportunities
In this economic environment it’s become common for small business owners and independent professionals to focus on minimizing risk. Their belief is that the strategies and tactics used in the corporate world are not applicable to them. They stay small in their thinking and therefore small in their growth. Don’t be one of them! Instead start asking yourself for every challenge you encounter “where is the opportunity in this situation”. It’s a great way to tap into your creativity that will energize you to find new solutions, new strategies and new possibilities. If you want to grow you need to start thinking bigger and planning bigger.

Successful small business owners are curious. They are open to learning and looking for answers outside of themselves and their business. They want insights about the best way to run, get and guide their business. It’s good practice to actively search for knowing about what strategies and tactics your peers as well as your competitors are applying successfully. However, make sure that you don’t become a copy cat. We’re all unique and what works for one business owner may not be the right thing for you. Pay attention to what you’re telling yourself because it’s not hard to fall into the trap of comparing yourself and perhaps losing confidence because of it.

Take time to be still
You can’t always practice success oriented actions and behaviors from a mental, linear or goals-oriented approach. There’s something equally  important that you need to pay attention to… the “checking in” with your heart and with the world around you.

You are part of a much larger picture. If you just get wrapped up in what you want to create without opening up your senses to this larger picture, you’ll not only be swimming upstream, but you can lose important opportunities to be your biggest, best, most creative and contributing self.

So take some time to be still and go within!

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