Just as each individual is unique, no two businesses are exactly alike. So there is no one-size-fits-all for integrating your personal and business success. But there is a simple, three-part approach to articulating a business vision which aligns with what is most important in your life. This approach will accelerate your path to freedom by transforming the way you work. It’s called:

A toolkit to building a business that serves your life

Your Blueprint

The question isn’t “what do you do?” Rather, it’s “what do you value?” How do you envision the ideal? The Blue Print addresses four critical issues:

  • What is your why? – money aside, what truly motivates you?
  • What are your core values that support your “why”?
  • Envisioning your business – what’s the best-case scenario that aligns with your “why” and your values?
  • The Game Plan, or how you get from here to there.

Your Essential Business Strategies

Three elements are critical to a successful business strategy:

  • The Business Health Assessment: a realistic analysis of what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Marketing Essentials: whom should you be talking to, and what do they need to hear?
  • Organization Design and Infrastructure: what structure and key systems have to be in place to make business happen?

Realizing the Vision

Here is where I hold you accountable for implementing the strategies. Before you can make the ideal real, you have to remove the obstacles. Too often the obstacle is you. Step one is eliminating the self-sabotaging beliefs that impede your progress, reframing the challenges into opportunities, and focusing your resources on what’s working.