Erica SmigielskiErica Smigielski
Founder/Owner, EDS Solutionz

When I met Ellen, I had been an independent consultant for less than a year. I had a business plan, a solid LinkedIn profile, a simple website, and my first client. Working with Ellen was vital for me to grow as an entrepreneur. She helped me shift my thinking from employee to business owner, grounding my business with a strategic vision that continues to fulfill me professionally and personally. Together we defined my ideal client and created a compelling marketing message. At the same time, she helped me streamline my day-to-day activities, including drafting proposals, managing my pipeline and workflow, and tightening financial controls. Our bi-monthly phone meetings are productive and tailored to address my immediate, tactical needs as well as strategic areas of the business. Thanks to the tools Ellen provided, I have met or surpassed nearly all my goals and grown my business by nearly three times – all while staying true to my core reason for being in business.

Eric JanssenEric Janssen
Owner/President, ChromaGraphics

When we first started working with NEXUS Consulting, workflow was inconsistent, roles were undefined and people weren’t sure who was responsible for what. This situation was causing chaos, stress and internal conflict and left me no time to deal with strategic business issues. Our work with Ellen started by focusing on order processing. All of the sales and operational staff were involved. The immediate result was a change in attitude; people started operating more as a team with a common goal. We then modified the workflow so orders move faster into production. Now we have more time to do more work, deadlines are met more consistently, quality has improved, and we have happy customers who pay faster. Ellen’s experience working with other businesses and transferring her knowledge through interactive hands-on process gets to the heart of the matter without spending a lot of time.

Mimi Lemanskimimi lemandski
Founder/Owner, Mimi Lemanski Consulting

Before I began working with Ellen, I was busy all the time working for different companies but failing to grow my business. I turned to Ellen to find my focus, to identify the particular work that provided the most value to my customers, and was most profitable and satisfying to me. She helped me to identify and clearly articulate what that was, and to communicate that confidently and comfortably to my customers. With Ellen’s guidance, I increased my client base by 50% doing exactly the work I love to do. Using her simple but powerful tools, I am able to stay true to my values while delivering higher quality work to my customers. By holding me accountable to myself, challenging my assumptions, and identifying the obstacles I erect for myself, Ellen showed me how to refine my focus and build on solid values that translate into confidence and trusting relationships.

Renee McNeilRenee McNiel
Corporate Move Consulting, Inc.

The best decision I made for my business was in hiring you. In 2 ½ short years, my profit margin has increased from 19 to 25%. We’ve hit our goal of 30% growth for the last two years and employee retention has shifted to almost 100%.
I would highly recommend that any business owner who really is desirous of changing the way they operate, are perceived by their staff, and increase the bottom line, retain you to help them meet their goals. Hiring you has worked for me and I know I am a tough customer. Thank you for helping me and being there when I needed both reassurance and confronting. I value you!

Steven LambSteve Lamb
Owner/President, Interview Team

I knew what I wanted Interview Team to be today and five years from today, but I didn’t have a plan. Ellen quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses as I moved forward in building and branding Interview Team. Her knowledge, experience, style, and direct approach have saved me sleepless nights and wasted days. I know where I am, where I want to go, and thanks to Ellen, I have a road map to get me there. When we approach the next transition, one of the first things on my “to do” list will be to contact Ellen. If you are starting out, Ellen can bring you focus and clarity. If you are in a transitional period, Ellen can bring a fresh outlook with options you may have not considered or thought possible. I highly recommend Ellen.

Jacquie HolmesJacquie Holmes
Owner/President, Kiwi Partners Inc.

With Ellen’s support, guidance and skills we were able to hold the course and weather the storm of the inevitable chaos we needed to go through for the organizational change to happen.
We created a clear vision and structure for the business which allowed for a reorganization at the executive level. We now have an executive team that collaborates and moves towards a common goal. We created management and operational systems that are documented and implemented. We reached a level of profitability that has allowed for the creation of a bonus and profit sharing plan.
I feel fortunate to have worked with Ellen and feel her direct honest feedback, experience, skill and support have greatly benefited me personally as well as my business.

James H. HendersonJim Henderson
Owner, Henderson Architecture

I started working with NEXUS Consulting because there’s more to running my own business than having the skills and knowledge of an architect. I needed help in understanding and learning about the financial, operational and marketing side of the business. With Ellen’s help I got clear on what I wanted for myself and for my business. She helped me articulate the vision and gave me the foundation on which to build. Developing a marketing strategy and a plan for generating leads has helped me focus on who I should target and what I need to do to attract my target market. Creating a budget and using my financials as a management tool is helping me make better business decisions. Ellen led me to the realization that I needed to delegate the things I shouldn’t be doing. Now with an office assistant in place I can spend more time marketing. Ellen’s approach looks at all aspects of my business and how they interrelate. She helped me understand and look at some of the beliefs I had that kept me from getting the results I wanted. I recommend Ellen to any business owner who wants to grow their business and take it to the next level.

John LowryJohn Lowry
Executive Director, Burbank Housing Development Corporation

We asked Ellen to help us reorganize our Development Department with the goal of improving efficiency, workflow and job satisfaction. She directed us to work collaboratively with all our staff, emphasizing effective communication, clear definitions of responsibility, and systems which improved work processes and established an expectation of accountability. Ellen also worked one-on-one with key senior staff to build leadership and management skills. Her knowledge and inspiration have helped executive level staff gain a perspective which allows them to exercise effective leadership. This is the kind of leadership which inspires confidence and dedication on the part of the rest of Burbank’s staff. I recommend Ellen as an organizational consultant and for her abilities as a one-on-one coach for building management and leadership skills.