My name is Ellen van den Berg and I help owners of small businesses and independent professional practices integrate their values with their expertise to create businesses that serve their lives. My holistic approach allows my clients to tap into their creative energy to envision, develop and implement strategies, processes and behaviors to achieve the results they want.

An Early Taste of Profit and Freedom

While in hiding in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II, my father kept a journal. In it he detailed his dream of how he would rebuild his once successful business after the war was over. He imagined a business that balanced work with time for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It’s what kept him sane and gave him hope during those dark days. As a young girl growing up in Holland, I reaped the benefits of my father’s dream. He was home every night for dinner and never worked on the weekends. I understood early on that profit is only worthwhile when you are free to enjoy the life it brings.

Action and Insight

I started traveling in my late teens. Working in the hospitality industry enabled me to see the world and experience other cultures. In my early twenties I came to the U.S. and through persistence, creativity and building connections was able to get legal status. After working for a major fashion store, a bank and other businesses, I began to feel penned in by a system of values that didn’t match mine. There had to be more to succeeding in business than climbing the rungs on a ladder. I realized it was time to get out of the corporate world and go out on my own.

For over 25 years I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs and independent professionals in the financial, business and professional services sectors. Initially I served as a certified financial planner, but in the late ‘90s I changed gears. I earned a Master’s Degree in Organization Psychology and was certified as a Business Development Coach. Now as a coach, consultant, mentor, teacher and guide I help my clients connect their expertise with what they value most in life.

Practical and Heart-centered

I have an insatiable interest in and curiosity about what makes people tick and how our beliefs impact our behaviors and actions. I like to get to the heart of things and value those who are curious and courageous enough to find out what is really true for them. Helping people identify their values and create profitable businesses in alignment with their truth is what I love.

I’m committed to connecting with people in a real and true way, one that allows for clear and honest communication. The trusting relationship I build with my clients sets them free to find new perspectives about the challenges they face, as well as the opportunities they may be missing. I help my clients open up to what is most meaningful to them, create the strategies, practices and behaviors to build a business that is profitable and experience more joy and freedom in their lives.