No matter how long you’ve been in business, or how successful you believe yourself to be, there are times when the same old ways no longer cut it, where the new ways aren’t clear, when you’re thinking about a change, when your heart is no longer in it. When you want to feel the fire in your belly again!

This is the time when you want a partner who will guide, challenge and support you—a skillful coach to stretch but not stress you beyond your current ways of doing, and being in, your business.

Ready for Change…But How?

  • You want to take your business to a new level and create more freedom for yourself, but how?
  • You notice your enthusiasm and motivation for work dwindling. You know what to do and want to take action, but how?
  • You’re ready to make a change, but how?
  • Things are going well, you feel it’s time to create more meaning, more impact, a bigger contribution, but how?
  • You love the work you do but no longer want to do it for someone else. You want to take the show on the road, but how?

Your Path to Freedom

As your coach and guide, I help you build on what you’ve already accomplished to create more compelling, engaging, and meaningful outcomes.

  • Together, we explore your heartfelt beliefs and business vision, engaging both your rational and emotional mind—your head and your heart.
  • You learn practical skills and get useful tools while gaining insights and wisdom in what makes you unique and what works for you.
  • Together we create a plan of action that is fully customized to your particular situation so your business can thrive and you can be true to your values and yourself.
  • You learn to understand what inspires you, and what keeps you from moving forward so you can solve problems more easily and take advantage of opportunities more readily.
  • You learn to recognize and manage self-sabotaging beliefs and stories that hold you back so you can stay confident and motivated to take your next steps.

The outcome is a high-functioning business that serves your life.